C A L L for A R T I S T S
Visual Arts Exhibit / SPRING Free for ALL 2020

Hart Witzen is now accepting submissions for Spring Free for All, a group exhibit to take
place MARCH 7, 2020

Deadline for submissions:   FEBRUARY 2
3, 2020.   

All visual artists welcome to apply:   painters, sculptors, photographers, performance artists,
installation artists and new media.


ONE work per artist.  

Work must be original and recent, within 2 years.  Work does not have to be for sale.  

2-D artists - work must be ready to hang.  Preferably wired.   
Pedestals available for 3-D works.

For consideration, please send an image or a description of what you'd like to present on or
SUNDAY FEB. 23    to hartwitzengallery@hotmail.com with Free for All in the
subject line.

Please include your full name, brief info, cv or web site, and a brief description of work,
including size, materials, dimensions,techniques used and installation info.  

Our new space has the following size restrictions:
Largest door entry 6'8" H X 60"W
Ceiling height in most areas 9' - 3" H

There is no fee to submit or participate.  
There is no commission on the sale of works resulting from the show,
after all it's a FREE for ALL.

Artists selected to participate will be notified by FEB. 25, 2020.